Elementary and Intermediate Grade Exam Preparation

1. Object Drawing
● Drawing objects from daily life- natural and man-made
● Understanding proportion and perspective
● Arrangement of objects
● Understanding of light and texture
● Colouring the objects in a realistic manner

 2. Memory Drawing
● Understanding human figures and postures
● Study of actions and facial expressions
● Study of clothes and textures
● Understanding themes and situations from day to day life, placement of human figures and objects
 ● Creating harmonious scenes using appropriate background and details

 3. Design
● Understanding various types of design- natural, geometric, abstract, ornamental, symmetric, asymmetric
● Colour theory
● Elements and concepts of Design
● Understanding of balance, proportion and rhythm
● Study and creation of textures
● Creating designs based on given specifications

 4. Practical Geometry and Lettering
● Understanding of tools and instruments for geometry
● Construction of lines, angles, circles and polygons
● Inscribing a shape within another
● Knowledge of fonts
● Selection of suitable font for a word
● Knowledge of words and understanding their meanings
● Lettering on given subjects